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Located in Brooklyn, 12 indictments were unsealed today charging 85 defendants from all five New York based families and defendants from the Decavalcante family. One indictment (united states of america v. Russo) expenses 39 defendants, including the entire leadership of the Colombo family not currently in prison street boss Andrew Russo, Acting underboss Benjamin Castellazzo and consigliere Richard Fusco as well as four of the crime family official captains and eight of its soldiers, With crimes including racketeering and racketeering conspiracy committed during an in the region of 20 year period. Among other acts of physical violence, Colombo family acting captain Anthony Russo is charged with the 1993 murder of Colombo family underboss Joseph Scopo during an internecine war among siblings. The Russo indictment also charges a great many crimes of extortion and fraud, Including charges related to the Colombo crime family alleged traditional control of Cement and Concrete Workers Union Local 6A, And its alleged defrauding of the City of New York in regards to an annually held feast, The Figli di santa Rosalia. The indictment Nike NFL/MLB – Authentic Jerseys For Cheap is based in part on hundreds of hours of recorded chitchats of members and associates of the Colombo family, Including meetings of the Colombo family software. transfer Russo Indictment

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